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value your health

When you are feeling horrible that’s all you can think about. And that’s okay.


It is a problem, however, when all you can think about is feeling horrible on those days when you are actually feeling fine. Instead of enjoying how great you are feeling that day, you sit in fear of the next time that you will feel sick. When you dwell on sickness and pain, ultimately there will be more of those bad days than good because you are almost willing it into your life. Value your health just as much as you value anything that’s significant in your life.


At one time, I would be so engulfed in pain and sickness that if I woke up one day not feeling sick, I would spend the whole day in wait expecting to feel horrible again. I had excepted that was how my life will be forever and I wanted to give up on it all. Fortunately for me, a little pit bull puppy entered into my life and prevented me from wasting my day away in bed and in the dialysis chair.


Then I developed a great support system who prevented me from giving up on life. Knowing that these individuals cared for me help remind me that I am worthy of having happy and pain-free days. I deserve to treat myself and love myself enough to eat right, exercise, and do things that make me happy.  I also found new activities to replace the ones that I could no longer do.  My days of feeling sick reduced drastically.


Be grateful for those days that you are feeling fine. Do something that you like to do (please don’t over exert yourself), something that makes you happy. Eat a good meal, get out of the house, spend time with good friends and family. Whatever puts a smile on your face, do it.


We are first and foremost responsible for our health and no amount of medication or dialysis will help, if we don’t value and care for ourselves first.


What ways do you value your health?

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