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What You Should Know About Your Kidneys

Most individuals are certain they know how vital their brain, heart, and lungs are, but how many know how important their kidneys are? Before my kidney disease journey began, the only time that I thought about my kidneys were when I felt dehydrated and cramping. I was aware that they were necessary, however, I had no idea what life would… Read more →

value your health

Value Your Health

When you are feeling horrible that’s all you can think about. And that’s okay.   It is a problem, however, when all you can think about is feeling horrible on those days when you are actually feeling fine. Instead of enjoying how great you are feeling that day, you sit in fear of the next time that you will feel… Read more →

You Can Survive and Thrive!

Words of encouragement for those who believe that their life is over because of Kidney Disease.  You can survive and thrive despite feeling all hope is lost. Trust me, I was there too.



If you feel like you are all alone while dealing with this illness, check out my post here.

Have Faith in Yourself

Faces of Kidney Disease-Have Faith

Growing up I was taught that you must have faith in God, a higher power in order for good things to occur in your life.

But what happens when you don’t have faith in yourself?

How can you progress if you have faith in everything and everyone else but you?

Take some time today to think about something you have wanted to do but your fears and self-doubt prevented it from happening.

Then ask yourself why aren’t you trusting your own capabilities?

It is a good thing to have a spiritual support system, but at the end of the day, you are the one who makes things happen in your life.

Start trusting yourself. 💚